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Cookie Pricing

Cookies range from $2.50 - $4 each with a minimum order of 12 cookies. Although cookies are priced by the dozen here, you do not have to order in dozens!

Please read the descriptions of what sort of work is included in each price package to get an idea of how much your order might cost. Please keep in mind that these are only guidelines; ultimately the cost will be my decision based on how much time and effort I anticipate the cookies requiring. Most cookie orders fall into the Deluxe or Signature packages. If you have a certain budget, I am happy to use your theme to create beautiful cookies in whichever price package works for you! Please see the "how to order" page for more information.

Basic Package $30 per dozen:

- 2 different icing colors, plus white

- Up to 4 different cookie designs

- Simple, single-color airbrushed backgrounds (stripes, polka dots, etc)

- Simple designs

- Max of one design with lettering

Deluxe Package $36 per dozen:

- Up to 5 different icing colors, plus white

- Up to 6 different cookie designs

- Multi-color airbrushed backgrounds

- Minimal metallic and/or glitter accents

- Max of 2 designs with premium lettering

Signature Package $42 per dozen:

- Up to 8 different icing colors

- Up to 6 different cookie designs

- Multi-color airbrushed backgrounds and/or airbrushed accents and shading

- More extensive use of metallic, glitter, or other painting

- Premium lettering

- More detailed designs (simple sports, business, or school logos, characters, etc.)

Premier Package $48 per dozen:

- Unlimited icing colors

- Up to 12 different cookie designs

- Extensive airbrushing

- Extensive metallic and/or glitter elements and hand painting

- Premium lettering

- Very intricate designs (complex characters or logos, small & detailed piping work or painting)