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I am happy to create cookies for you based off a certain theme or from any inspiration, like a party invitation, decoration, memento, etc.!

Please look at the Pricing and Availability pages for more information. When filling out the order request form you can tell me your general theme or inspiration and get a quote, or if you have a certain budget, you can let me know which pricing package you'd like to stick with and I will decorate within those parameters :)

Orders must be placed at least one week in advance. Please order your cookies for the date you would like to receive them. So if your party is on a Saturday but you want to pick up your cookies on Friday, order for Friday!

Check the Availability page to see whether I have any openings for your date. If not, my cookies do freeze well! If you need to get your order more than a few days in advance of your actual event, ask me about freezing your cookies.

Cookies come in bakery boxes and are individually sealed in clear cello bags to preserve freshness and appearance and will stay fresh for up to two weeks, but are best consumed within a few days; if you will be keeping them longer than this, I recommend freezing.

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